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Intelligent automation means the intelligent use of many tools.

Let's get to know each other

Overview of key areas

We conduct workshops over several days during which:

  • We will discuss the list of processes with their estimated execution time
  • We will ask about the tools and IT systems used in your company
  • We will learn about your company's structure and operations

Not just automation

During analysis, we often see opportunities to improve processes in ways other than RPA.

Our report also includes recommendations on:

  • Organizational and optimization changes (e.g. standardization, introduction of invoicing policy for suppliers or customers)
  • Opportunities for implementing other IT solutions (e.g. Workflow systems)
  • Changes in basic systems (e.g. ERP)

Candidates for automation

We highlight cases in which a detailed analysis, description and process map or business case is necessary. Together, we work out a list of candidates along with the order of implementation that takes into account your business priorities.

What can affect the selection of candidates for automation?

  • Time needed to complete the task, number of tasks to be performed by employees
  • The number of different IT systems used in the process
  • Degree of process standardization and number of exceptions
  • “Bottleneck” processes engaging employees at peak times (e.g. accounting resources during month-end close)
  • Inability to implement change in the basic system (e.g. ERP)

Difficult choice of RPA

We are aware that the number of RPA tools and technologies available on the market can be overwhelming. There are many suppliers and options, but do you know what will work best for your organization? We would be happy to help you in creating an implementation strategy and choosing the right RPA technology.

What should you consider when choosing an RPA technology?

  • Planned robotization scope
  • TCO (total cost of ownership) of implementing and maintaining platforms
  • Availability of employees or partners involved in the creation of robots
  • Ability to work with applications and systems that you currently use
  • Production start time
  • Security

Preparation of processes for robotization

We conduct in-depth workshops aimed at describing and mapping the process singled out for robotization, with particular emphasis on the systems and roles involved in the process.

We create a description of the AS-IS process and model the TO-BE process, taking into account automation and possible changes in the process. We describe in detail the standard mode of robot operation and alternative paths in situations when the robot would require help or a decision from an employee.

We help in preparing instructions for employees cooperating with or managing RPA.


Creating and implementing robots

Many of our clients already have Archee in their teams. Archee is our proprietary RPA solution that perfectly responds to their needs, is fully adapted to the company’s processes and uses its IT systems and tools.

We are also happy to help if you decide to build or already have solutions built on one of the most common RPA platforms. The competences of our consultants include the ability to create automation on UIPath, Blueprism or Automation Anywhere.

Close cooperation and engaging your employees in the process of defining automation makes robots irreplaceable team members, performing the most repetitive tasks.


Make your business SMART: modern, technologically advanced and optimized.