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Digital transformation is a must-have for every organization.


Comprehensive transformation improves the competitiveness of the entire organization.

Thanks to their knowledge and experience, our consultants will help you transform business processes using the right IT tools. We know how to make the necessary changes to increase organizational efficiency. We optimize, simplify and automate processes, improving the condition and profitability of the company. We use ERP class systems, workflow platforms, RPA and design appropriate integrations between them. Our analysis allows us to assess what kind of changes the company needs today and what will allow it to succeed tomorrow. We have our own proven products that effectively improve the efficiency of everyday tasks.

The number of processes associated with most companies daily activities is huge. Leave requests, contracts, invoices, delegations, incoming and outgoing correspondence, management of suppliers and customers, recruitment. The list goes on, and each of these areas requires controls, approvals or forwarding.

That is why we have created a single platform to support many different processes from one place. In the Arc Smart Platform you will find ready-made tools that can be tailored to your needs at any time. The platform can be expanded as needed to any type of process, no matter how complex or unusual.


Robotic Process Automation

RPA is a way to make the most of your team's competences. By limiting repetitive processes such as invoicing, calculating bonuses or creating and sending reports, employees can focus on tasks that require knowledge, experience and creativity. Our proprietary solution allows you to automate business processes, using the tools and systems you already use, without having to incur additional costs for licenses or equipment. The Robotic Management Center provides full control. This is where you will find information on who started the robot, when an important report will be delivered, and profitability analysis of active robots.


Custom Development

During a detailed business analysis, we identify the needs of our clients. We approach each problem, process or technology individually. We combine our business competences with extensive technical knowledge. As a result, we provide fully functional products created in accordance with the requirements of the organization and business - from concept, through the various stages of the software development, to testing and implementation. We combine applications and platforms, which allows us to automate tasks and streamline processes. We use the following technologies to create solutions in Microsoft Azure and Microsoft SharePoint environments: ASP.NET Core, C #, VBA, JavaScript, ReactJS, SQL Server.


Make your business SMART: modern, technologically advanced and optimized.