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Make Your Career Smart

Culture at Arc

Are you dreaming of a career in a modern consulting company?

Our team consists of over 130 professionals specializing in the implementation and development of ERP systems, building proprietary IT solutions, RPA automation, creating and implementing workflow applications, project management as well as business analysis and process modelling.
Our teams often work together, which allows us to leverage multiple competences in one project. We are happy to share our knowledge and experience, regardless of whether you are a student just starting the career or an expert with many years of experience. Our priority is to keep you motivated, unafraid of challenges and willing to grow with us. We're constantly looking for new talents.

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Our organizational structure is simple, project teams are small, and each team member is important to the project. This makes communication easy - the flow of information is fast, and our consultants know each other well.

Work at ARC is dynamic. We invest time in training our interns and junior colleagues so that they can quickly add value to their assigned project teams. We want you to be ready to work on client projects as soon as possible.

At ARC, you'll spend a lot of time talking to colleagues. Your teammates - programmers, consultants, analysts - are experienced specialists who are happy to share knowledge and experience so you can develop your skillset faster.

The time schedule of your work will depend on you and your project. Our employees start work between 7:00 and 10:00 - everyone adjusts their schedule to work most efficiently. The place of work depends on the project to which the consultant is assigned - it can be our office or the client's office. When the project allows, you will be able to work remotely.

We partner with companies driving global IT trends. Thanks to this, you can be sure that the technologies you work with are up to date. As partners, we have access to experts providing support and answers to difficult questions.

We provide our employees with private medical care and worldwide insurance coverage. You can also opt into the Multisport program. You can also take advantage of other types of support under the Social Benefits Fund.

We hire under employment contracts, B2B contracts, contracts of mandate, etc. It all depends on the specifics of the project and the preferences of the colleague.

Meet us


Our consultants are specialists in business and IT consulting as well as advanced technologies.

We are looking for results-focused team players, eager to expand their knowledge and professional experience.

We offer our employees two paths of professional development: technological, closely related to technological issues and software development, and consulting, focused on business processes and functional aspects of the solutions we implement. The first path puts emphasis on education related to the design and architecture of information systems, care for the quality and efficiency of created applications, which translates into expert development in the selected technological field. The second path is focused on consulting, i.e. consultancy, integration and implementation services. The personal development structure is similar for both paths.

Career path

As a new employee, you will start work from a position that best suits your competences - it depends on your knowledge and previous experience. How quickly an employee advances along the career path depends on their achievements and commitment. Promotion rules are based on individual assessment of an employee, focused on measurable criteria assessing the level of professional and organizational maturity.


I started working with Arc right after earning my Master’s degree in Economics and International Relations at the Cracow University of Economics. I knew from the beginning that I wanted to be involved in consulting, but I wasn't interested in the Big Four. Arc turned out to be the right choice because it allowed me to combine the pleasure of working in a medium-sized company with the opportunity to gain experience in the largest companies in the world. This way, for over five years I was dealing with increasingly difficult projects, moving from the position of Analyst to Project Manager.

In the next stages of my career, I began to wonder what the world looks like outside Arc and what it offers. The curiosity so strong that in 2013 I decided to change my employer and started my adventure as a Project Manager in one of the banks operating on the Polish market. After a year, however, I realized that the Arc offer is more suited to my interests and personality. I am currently a Manager of the Business Consulting Department and I know how important development opportunities are for all employees.

Krzysztof Wieczorek


During my engineering course at university, when the time for internship came, I wasn’t sure which route to take. On the one hand, working in IT seemed right for a computer science student but on the other hand, I didn't see myself as a programmer in a large corporation. Looking for offers and opportunities, I saw an opening for the position of junior consultant on the Arc website. I decided to give it a go and... Bullseye! It was the right choice - now I can use my technical and “soft” skills in just the right proportions.

After the first project, I found myself in the middle of implementing a well-known financial system for a foreign client. This allowed me to spread my wings and become independent as a consultant. I also decided to transition my major’s degree course from computer science to finance. What will the future bring? Of course, you can never be sure, which is why I am constantly learning new technologies. One thing is certain – it would be very difficult for me to find another job that is as satisfying as my current one.

Dawid Matyasik


Shortly after graduation, I decided to see the world and recharge my batteries before taking up serious work. I returned to Krakow motivated and ready to find an interesting and challenging job. I came to Arc, where I have had the pleasure of working with experienced, versatile consultants. I started from the position of Junior Consultant. Year after year I gained experience and worked with new clients. I became interested in the MS SharePoint platform and specialized in it. I attained a certificate and professional confidence.

Over the years, I moved up to a Consultant and then a Senior Consultant position, and the number of satisfied clients and implemented solutions grew rapidly. Now, after ten years of my Arc adventure, I am in a Manager position. Together with the team, we implement solutions for clients both in Poland and abroad. Go team!

Sławomir Kubit


In my final year of university, I had less and less classes and more free time. I wanted to use it to start gaining professional experience but without neglecting my studies and master's thesis. I started working at Arc as an assistant, supporting our CEOs in organizing the work of consultants. At Arc, I find things that are important to me – the work is challenging, the people are fantastic and most importantly - I'm constantly developing professionally. Over almost 12 years of work at Arc, I have managed the office, managed the company's image and specialized in HR, payroll, HR and financial matters. A few years ago, as a consultant, I joined the Business Consulting department, where I now run projects for Clients as a Project Manager.

I don't have the slightest problem balancing work at Arc and family life. I can enjoy my two wonderful little sons and, at the same time, be an appreciated and valued employee.

Monika Matyjek-Góra

Project Manager

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