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KSeF - when to start preparations to make it done?

Sometimes someone else makes the decisions for us. This is exactly the case this time. Polish companies – ready or not - will be forced to change their existing financial and accounting processes. This is due to the revolution in invoicing, the start of which the Ministry announced for July 2024.

Duty is non-negotiable

With the consent of the European Commission, in July next year, a e-invoice will be an obligatory form of settlement for Polish enterprises. The key role is the process has KSeF (National e-Invoice System), i.e. a free platform developed by the Ministry of Finance.

The system is used to issue and receive invoices electronically and concerns:

▪ entrepreneurs registered as active VAT payers,

▪ entrepreneurs exempt from VAT (after a six-month derogation),

▪ entrepreneurs identified in Poland for the special EU OSS procedure (those with a Polish Tax number - NIP).

Meanwhile, 6 out of 10 respondents have not yet started work on preparing their organizations for the KSEF obligation. Almost half of the respondents are full of concerns about the entry of the KSEF obligation and they hope that the deadline will be postponed. The uncertainty of regulations, the complexity of the invoice scheme and future development of the optimal process for issuing and sending e-invoices are just a few of the problems they recognized. 30% are afraid of integration with systems and choosing the right integration tool.

The difficult first step

Before answering ‘when to start preparing’, let's start with the question "where to start?". The answer is simple: from the preliminary analysis. This stage will help to define the key areas to address while adapting the organization to the KSEF legal regulations. The more issues we identify, the more time we need for implementation.

"We have prepared a simple tool – a checklist that can help diagnose the current state before starting the project, both in terms of invoicing processes and IT issues" – explains Monika Matyjek-Góra, Project Manager at arc. - We can provide the tool on request. Please feel free to contact us: CONTACT. We are also able to support organizations in the final analysis."

"Lack of clarity and final regulations is one of the argument for not to rush with the preparations. The provisions of the bill are still evolving: public consultations had place in December, the new version of the act was published in March 2023, finally the project was sent to the parliament in May. Each time, the publication of new versions of the projects brought significant changes. However, we should not wait until the law comes into force, because it may be too late for effective integration with the KSEF. Especially that integrating multiple systems can be a complex task from IT point of view." - explains Maciej Gomółka, Project Manager at arc.

Digital Revolution 2

The introduction of the KSeF obligation will drive the digital revolution. Full digitization of the flow of financial documents and faster circulation of information will be shared by most Polish companies faster than expected. However, there is no optimism. According to a study conducted by Arc Consulting shows 1/3 of respondents asked whether they will be ready to start on July 1, 2024 responded "we are concerned".

Instead of reinventing the wheel, it is worth using ready-made answers. Let us invite you to watch the recording of the webinar conducted by our experts. Find out more about what awaits you and start your preparations sooner then later.

*results of the survey of 11.05.2023, conducted in a group of 106 participants of the webinar "Practical guide to KSeF (National e-Invoice System) - how to prepare an organization for a revolution in invoicing?"