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Connect to KSeF

The obligation of using KSeF (National e-Invoicing System) will be a challenge both for those companies that do not use electronic invoicing and for those that have already successfully digitized their process flow.

Do companies that already use e-invoicing have an easier task in terms of implementation? It is not such a piece of cake. Connecting to KSeF might be a complex task, requiring analysis of existing IT architecture. Depanding on analysis results, some organizations will have to implement a tool, which will be a bridge between the current financial and accounting system and the government platform.

Direct connection

Once he company use only one financial and accounting system and its provider integrates KSeF along with other services provided, the situation seems to be quite simple. This is usually the most reasonable and least expensive solution.

Intermediate option

The most important criteria that will help in deciding how to approach integration is the level of development of IT architecture. The more extensive one may encourage the implementation of a hub solution, which is a common point of contact between many of the company's systems and KSeF. This is a comfortable solution, because it allows us to implement specific functionalities. Examples include queuing invoice dispatch, synchronization of document downloads, or implementation of reporting functionality.

When a hybrid solution?

When the comprehensive enterprise service (ERP) system ensures the registration of invoices in KSeF, the middleware/hub system allows you to receive invoices, and additionally tag, send e.g. to the existing system responsible for the circulation of documents in the company. Therefore, it is worth considering such a combination – thanks to which you can improve the work related to manual data entry and processing, eliminate errors and speed up settlements.

Wide range of possibilities

The launch of the National e-Invoicing System opens up a whole range of new possibilities, ranging from digitization of processes, electronic document flow, to acceleration of the entire accounting service process. How to discover these and many other potential improvements during the implementation of KSeF? Check out the recordings from our webinar, in which our experts explain how to effectively and without breathlessness prepare for KSeF.