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Use insightful analytics to make your business SMART

In ARC Consulting we believe that every company can be successful thanks to the right combination of people, processes and technologies.

With huge volumes of data significantly increasing every day, ability to quickly translate it into meaningful insights, now more than ever, helps organizations develop their business. We want to help you grow your business by leveraging data your company already has, improving fact-based decision-making process. This is why we will work closely with you to create compelling and automated solutions that will give you data-based answers. There’s no need of having specialized data analysts in your company. Less guesswork and more regular, on-time reporting, will help you understand your business strengths and weaknesses, leading to wiser strategic decisions. Your team will focus on bringing efficiency, not creating numerous reports every month.

Business Intelligence (BI)

It helps organizations in making data-driven decisions based on analysis of historical and current data. It is a set of processes and technologies that enable gathering raw information, transforming and changing it into meaningful visualizations and business knowledge. Do you have multiple Excel reports created by many different departments? Are your decisions made on assumptions rather than data? Do you feel like you are not leveraging technology to fully support your business? Our consultants can help you answer those questions and work with you to turn your data into actionable insight.

  • By implementing Business Intelligence in your company you will benefit from:
  • Moving from data silos to unified, one source of truth’ reporting
  • Reducing reporting preparation time and number of manual errors
  • Effectively handling big volumes of data
  • Creating interactive, dynamic visualizations tailored to your needs and available technology
  • Implementing Data Warehouse solutions.
Process mining

It enables analysing business process performance and execution, based on logs coming from company systems (ERP, CRP) to identify specific areas for improvement. Implementations of process mining technology can help with:

  • Creating an actual „as-is process map and discovering discrepancies between „as-is and „perfect processes
  • Finding roots causing problems and poor performance
  • Discovering bottlenecks and opportunities in a process
Task Mining

It focuses on particular steps in the process and helps to understand the root causing inefficiency by capturing employee interaction data. Task mining can answer questions related to user manual work such as:

  • What are the most repetitive and time consuming activities for users?
  • What is FTE for them?
Data Science

It helps exploring data and finding solutions to specific business problems. It looks for anomalies, patterns, or correlations among millions of records to predict results. Data science and machine learning can help your business by implementing:

  • Forecasts and predictions
  • Anomaly detection solutions
  • NLP (Natural language processing) solutions
  • Targeted advertising
  • Customer segmentation
  • Recommendation engines
Why ARC Consulting?

Our consultants will help you learn how to effectively leverage data and technology you are already using to grow your business. This change makes a difference and employees focus on working efficiently instead of creating manual reports. We work together with you to optimize your current solutions or create new ones from scratch. Thanks to our appealing visualizations and reports tailored to your needs you can get insight in a matter of minutes, by a few clicks. We can support you with optimizing your data sources and business processes.

Don’t hesitate and contact us to make your business SMART.