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Make Your Career Smart


Sending the application for the chosen position is extremely simple and the recruitment process is quick and pleasant.

  • 1. Submit the application
  • 2. Be patient
  • 3. Let's meet
  • 4. Join us

Find the offer you are interested in among the current job offers, click "apply" below the offer, enter your details and attach your CV. Remember to read and confirm the legal clause regarding the processing of personal data.

We will review your application documents in terms of your experience and qualifications. We review applications daily and we invite selected candidates for recruitment interviews.

In the job interview, you will meet our HR specialist and, depending on the position you are applying for, sometimes also the team manager and/or ARC managing partner. We will talk about your experience and answer your questions about the position and the company.

The employment decision is made within a few days from the meeting. However, recruitment is a mutual decision, which is why we hope that by getting to know us you will come to the conclusion that ARC is the right place for you.

What are we looking for in the CV?

Your CV creates your image in our eyes and decides whether you will be invited to an interview.

It is important that the CV has a clear layout and highlights your key skills and qualifications that are relevant to the position you are applying for.

When looking for employees for technical positions, we pay attention to the ability to use computer programs and knowledge of information technologies. We appreciate candidates listing out the programming languages ​​they know, tools, databases, libraries and operating systems, and other technologies. When describing work experience, be sure to describe your responsibilities and tasks as it tells us more than the name of the position in which you worked. While reading the CV, we pay attention to so-called "gaps," such as a gap in employment and frequent job changes, which can have various causes and which are worth explaining during the recruitment interview. If you do not have professional experience yet, you should describe the projects in which you participated while at university.

We are happy to find out more about your activities in student organizations, scientific associations, completed internships, summer work and other activities related to your interests. Such experience will positively distinguish you from others, testifying to your resourcefulness, independence and commitment. Do not neglect the layout. It is a good idea to divide the information contained in the CV into sections, e.g. personal data, education, experience, etc. Pay attention to appropriate spacing, margins, font. Proof-read for mistakes, especially typos. A clear and transparent CV attests to your diligence and the ability to select and present information.

Our team is our strength. Arc Consulting consists of specialists with extensive experience in conducting projects in an international environment in various industries.

Marcin Pomarański


Get ready to the interview

Remember why you decided to apply with us in the first place.

During the conversation, prove to us that you are the right person for the job in question. Remember why you decided to contact us - that's what we'll want to know from you. Your motivation, ambitions, aspirations and needs influence whether working in the group of our consultants will be satisfying for you and whether you will remain committed in the long run.

Before the interview, it is worth reviewing the information in your CV to ensure you can speak to all items in sufficient detail. If you have submitted the application for a technical position, we will want to verify your technical knowledge. We may ask you about your expectations regarding work at Arc, career plans, strengths and weaknesses.

Preparing for the interview will help you familiarize yourself with the specifics of our business and the position you applied for. Think about whether you have any questions for us - we want you to learn as much about the job as possible. We are also happy to tell you about the company and people.